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3 Financial Topics They Don’t’ Teach in School, But Should

It’s amazing that most schools in the United States still don’t offer courses to students on personal finance. Don’t get me wrong, while physics and trigonometry II are essential skills needed in adulthood (insert eyeroll here), most young adults will never receive the financial education they need to be financially literate and empowered adults. Understanding money, goes far beyond spending and saving. There are many more crucial elements involved that should be taught.

Here are 3 financial topics they don’t teach in school, but should:

1. How to negotiate

Understanding how to effectively negotiate can transcend through a variety area of adulthood. From getting ahead in the workplace, creating and fostering business relationships, and handling conflict are all key elements of the power of negotiation.

2. How to build and leverage credit

It’s no secret that a high credit score and a heathy credit history equates to financial advantages that include access to lower interest rates, better loan terms, and more lender choices. Learning to leverage credit can help generate wealth by developing good spending and saving habits, living within your means and maintain a good credit score because the higher your score the less you pay for a loan and the easier it will be to generate wealth.

3. How to generate income outside of a 9-5

Generating income outside of the normal 9-5 can be fun and rewarding. Understanding how to leverage hobbies and skills to build passive income can contribute to earning money when you are not on the clock. Passive income can include creating and selling a course, selling an e-book, or rental income property to name a few.

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