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Have you ever heard the phrase "It takes a village"? In our case, it takes a Cru!

We are College Career Cru, and we've joined forces with Next Generation Youth Programs to deliver educational initiatives for young people aged 16-24 in Prince George's County, MD. Our mission is to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit for college and career prosperity. We aim to bridge the equity gap in our community by providing resources and opportunities that ensure our local youth are financially literate and empowered on their journey toward college and their chosen career.

At College Career Cru, our primary objective is to equip students with a foundational comprehension of a wide array of disciplines. We strive to create a learning environment that students are excited to be a part of. Our student cohorts are designed to empower students to face challenges and embrace new experiences. We motivate our students to chase their dreams as they explore successful and inspiring career paths.

Join the 2023-2024 Cohort

The 2023-2024 College Cru Cohort is currently accepting applications for current high school seniors and college students. 

The College Cru will provide resources and support as it relates to students finding financial funding from external scholarship sources. The College Cru will help you navigate the process by providing free support and resources through virtual & in-person sessions, essay workshops, interview assistance, and step-by-step guidance to help you navigate your scholarship search journey. 

Cohort members will meet virtually twice a month. Each month, students will be given assignments, tasks, and deadlines as it relates to preparing their scholarship packages. 

Parents of students will have the opportunity to meet with a professional college financial aid advisor to answer any questions regarding the FAFSA application. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their student's journey. Parents will receive monthly communication providing details of student assigned task and deadlines. 

Danae College Career Cru Kenta Club_edited.png

Benifits of joining the College Cru

Find & apply for scholarship opportunities. 

Develop creativity 

Learn to network & develop business relationships

Learn to advocate for yourself

Build critical thinking skills

Get support from us & your peers

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